Buffalo Gap National Grasslands – South Dakota



About 5 miles south of Wall, SD on Hwy 240 lies Buffalo Gap National Grassland, the nations second largest. This was the home to our first boondocking location and remains one of our favorites.

You need to open the gate upon arrival and close it once you’re through. It is a highly rutted road and f it has been raining, you will want to check out the road prior to proceeding. Also, if it rains while you’re out there, you may want to wait a day for it to dry before attempting to drive out.

Towards the top the road will fork to the right and left and there are boondocking spots in both directions. We took a right and camped there but there are great spots in either direction.

We parked a little too close to the cliff for my comfort and were watching the wind closely, fortunately, it was blowing us in the right direction the entirety of our stay.

We had bighorn sheep coming up to the camper each morning and there were many visible throughout the day on the cliffs.

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